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OZ ARTS Nashville

Many hats worn for this non-profit performing arts center as interim Creative Director. Esoteric performance art engagements, advertised conceptually across print and web channels, as well as branding looks for their events/sales side. Oversaw dozens of projects from inception and crafting through final print vendor budgeting and delivery. 


Creative Director, Freelance



MEMORY RINGS was a multi-media environmental performance art piece spanning deacades under the gaze of the world's oldest tree, Methuselah.  Print/web/outdoor campaign. 


EMBODIMENT was a walking poem covering the facility's grounds, featuring something from the poems that related to each of the senses, from food to fragrance. 

Print/web/outdoor campaign. 


The final pieces below were the initial push toward branding the Events/Sales side of OZ Arts, who lease the performance space and grounds for everything from trade shows to college commencements. The leave-behind is an elegant and compact solution for the arts' non-profit.




Conceptual graphic for the esoteric sensory walking poem.

The language and look of OZ Events sales identity and presentation leave-behind. 

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